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Ningbo Honghuan Geotextile Co.,LTD
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Anti-weed 100gsm woven geotextile fabric

Chiny Ningbo Honghuan Geotextile Co.,LTD Certyfikaty
Chiny Ningbo Honghuan Geotextile Co.,LTD Certyfikaty
Ivan, danna and Amy , thank you guys for your good service. The woven geotextile seems very good ,thank you!

—— Joy

This was my first time to do business with Chinese people and every thing gone very well ,thank you all guys. quality goods and wonderful service.

—— Piotr

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Anti-weed 100gsm woven geotextile fabric

Anti-weed 100gsm woven geotextile fabric
Anti-weed 100gsm woven geotextile fabric Anti-weed 100gsm woven geotextile fabric Anti-weed 100gsm woven geotextile fabric

Duży Obraz :  Anti-weed 100gsm woven geotextile fabric

Szczegóły Produktu:
Place of Origin: China
Nazwa handlowa: HongHuan
Orzecznictwo: ISO9001
Model Number: TWG100
Minimum Order Quantity: 10,000/m^2
Packaging Details: PVC Fabric Rolls
Delivery Time: 30 days
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C
Szczegółowy opis produktu
Material: Polypropylene Color: Black
Type: Woven geotextile Port: Ningbo
Unit mass: 100gsm Packing: film
High Light:

geotextile woven fabric


tensile strength of fabric

Anti-weed 100gsm woven geotextile fabric 
TWG® Series geotextiles are polypropylene woven landscape fabric designed specially to act as a weed barrier,separator and drainage filter. These fabrics range in width from 3' to 9' ,in mass per unit area from 50gsm to 150gsm.TWG® Series geotextiles is resistant to naturally encountered chemicals,alkalis and acids.
1. Weed block for landscaped garden beds
2. Permeable liners for planters (stops soil erosion)
3. Weed control under wooden decking
4. Geotextile for separating aggregate / soils under walkway blocks or bricks
5. Assists in preventing paving from settling unevenly
6. Landscape fabric prevents soil erosion



Minimum Average 
Roll Values 

Minimum Average 
Roll Values 

Mass per unit Area

ASTM D-5261 

3.0 oz/yd2

100 g/m2

Grab Tensile 

ASTM D-4632 

200 lbs 

900 N 

Grab Elongation 

ASTM D-4632 



CBR Puncture

ASTM D-6241

270 lbs 


Water Flow Rate 

ASTM D-4491 

5 gal/min/ft2

203 L/min/m2

UV Resistance 

ASTM D-4355 

70% @ 500 hrs 

70% @ 500 hrs 

Useful Life


2~3 Years

2~3 Years


Roll Width          

0.9m (3’)

1.8m (6')

2.7m (9')

Roll Length       

91.4m (300’)

Roll Weight

8kgs (17lbs)

16kgs (34lbs)

24kgs (52bs)

1. Cover crops in the ground surface,prevent weeds and against the insect
2. Controlling soil humidity and the temperature
3. Does not affect the growth of the crops
4. Protects plants from harmfully solar radiation
5. Air permeability, water permeability help crops growth. 
6. Mothproof, eco-friendly, breathable, anti-bacteria, tear-resistant, fusible

Anti-weed 100gsm woven geotextile fabric 0

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